Loneliness. Bojack Horseman. Delhi Weekend Lockdown. And Some Realizations About LIFE!

Apoorv Sharma
3 min readApr 18, 2021

This evening, lying on the grass on the terrace, I was thinking about loneliness.


Who cares?

Do you? Well, get a life then.

When I say the word ‘loneliness’, the first thing that comes to my mind is Bojack Horseman (the American sitcom available on Netflix).

It is so relatable, especially for the ones in their 20s sweeping their arms around life, that it vicariously makes you depressed.

Be it being alone, not being able to feel happy, relationships, career, success; well, there’s no series like such that can make you feel the feels like Horseman does.

“Life is a series of closing doors, isn’t it?”

For those who have never heard of this show before, I would recommend seeing this page that posts quotes from the series: @bojackquote

So, getting back on me lying down on the grass on the terrace. Well, I was there all alone.

There are only 5 people in this hostel. Out of which, one is sleeping, two of them are watching IPL and one is locked in a room as he’s COVID positive.

After such a long time, I am lying down in silence. No music. No conversations going on around. No sound of cars on the road. Nothing. Apart from the sound of the flock of birds and the planes, flying above, passing me.

Wee-oww wee-oww wee-oww wee-oww…

Wait!!! How can I forget this!?? Arrrghhhhhh…..

This siren is one of the major reasons behind me feeling what am I feeling right now. The siren of an ambulance is what it is!

Since these last few weeks, you can hear an ambulance passing on the road, every 2 minutes.


Initially, it only used to make me feel bad but all of these sirens, with time, have piled up, I guess. Because now, whenever I hear the siren of an Ambulance, I start to cry. Don’t know why. Maybe because people are dying and it makes me think, I AM ALL ALONE.

Even if I’m not, it just makes me feel like I’m walking towards the center of a river; I don’t know swimming and there’s no one around me who’s going to save me.

Okay, let’s get back to the terrace, wherein I’m lying on the grass and all I can see is some flocks of birds, flights passing by every 5 mins, and a clear blue sky.

Apart from the sounds of Ambulances, flights, and the birds, there’s only void. Sound vacuum!

It’s then, I heard a bunch of people laughing.

I stood up. Looked around. And saw this family of 4, just like Papa, Maa, Ayush, and I, playing carrom on the terrace whilst sipping chai.

Just imagine the plight of the whole situation here.

You’re there all alone on the terrace, watching the planes passing by and looking at this family, sharing laughs, living a moment. Psstt…

I can keep on writing this post until I get tired and go to sleep but much like life, things do end.

They have to.

And they should.

So, everything is cool. Apart from Dilli ki Garmi. Hahahaha. Yup, even I am thinking of trying my hands in stand-up comedy.

Just listen to this and try to live, will you?