The Girl Who’s Sitting 5 Rows Ahead Of Me On The Train, Me Being Ethan Hawke, And LIFE.

Apoorv Sharma
2 min readMar 17, 2021

I’m on a train.

Sitting right beside a big glass window.

Reading a book.

And I just saw this one girl who’s sitting 5 rows ahead, with her face in my direction, looking at me.

Damn! I’ve watched ‘Before Sunrise’ enough times to think of myself as Ethan Hawke now.

Psstt… okay, let’s talk about the options I have for now:

  • Keep staring at her, unless both of our eyes meet and once it does, just smile!
  • Stand up. Go to her and say, “I saw you looking at me, so… I just dropped by to say ‘Hi’. This journey and the book I’m reading is boring anyway, so umm… what about we sit together and just have a conversation?”
  • Ask a host to give her a cup of chai and tell her that I bought it for her.

Have I missed any?

Let’s assume, not.

So, I think, let’s drop the third option first, right?

Now, we’re left with the first and second. Second is something that a male protagonist does in movies, and even though, I am the protagonist of this story, I don’t think I’ll be able to perform this as smoothly as I’ve written it.

That left me with the first option.

But hey, won’t staring at her might make this whole situation a bit stalker-ish? Wrong choice of words, I guess.

I’ll keep on looking at her like a normal person, with the goal of catching each other’s eyes together. What say?

Or… Or… Or… I could just write an article about what I could have done, what my options were, and do nothing about it. Yawp, this seems reasonable and the best.

This is how most people live their life anyway, right?