There’s no one on this earth whose heart has been broken by someone they loved, MORE THAN A BARBER!

Apoorv Sharma
2 min readJun 23, 2021
Barber cutting hair in middle of the road in Old Delhi
The guy in this picture, that’s not me! (Just saying)

Sitting on the chair.

Staring at the mirror.

Wearing a haircutting cape/apron.

Thinking about the music that’s being played on TV.

“Wafa na raas aayi, sun ooo harjaayi”

I realized I’ve never met a single barber in my life whose heart is not broken.

Not prejudicing or anything but seriously, think about it.

Have you ever been to a barbershop where the songs being played in the background aren’t about broken hearts?

From “Wafa ne bewafaayi”, “Maanga tha tumhe haq se, toda hain dil has ke”, etc.

Also, the way they catch feelings from each line of the song while cutting your hair has no match.

It’s like they’re immersed in this synergized activity of cutting hair and listening to music.

It’s like this is all that they want to do.

They’re neither smiling nor frustrated. Just immersed.

I have always wanted to ask this from a barber.

But just imagine, you’re wearing an apron that is tightly laced around your neck. A guy is cutting your hair with sharp scissors and he also has a blade in front of him.

Would you even dare to ask such a question?

What do you think about it?